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Do czego służy który czas?

Tense Example When to use
Present simple I work as a managing director at an international company. Situations that are:
– facts
– long term
– repetitive
She studies law.
You’re very good at computers!
Present continuous I’m working on this project with 7 other people. Situations that are:
– one off
– short term
– planned for the future
We’re having lunch with the new contractor tomorrow at 2.
She’s coming in an hour.
Present perfect You have been with us for two years now. Situations that:
– started in the past and are still true
– finished very recently and we still experience effects
So far we have had 7 orders for the new line of products.
I’m sweaty because I’ve run all the way.
Past simple They ended the contract last year. Situations that:
– started and finished in the past
Did you start a new job? Congrats!